Industrial Hygiene Instruments

Introducing a novel solution for monitoring chemical exposure and ensuring worker safety in-accordance with federal requirements.

The BadgAIR is the first of its kind: a portable gas detector in a wearable format with built-in disposable sensor chips for high sensitivity chemical detection

Wearable Multi-Gas Detector

The BadgAIR represents a paradigm shift in industrial hygiene inspections, removing the constraints associated with exposure assessments while assuring quality results.

Based on a highly selective, multi-gas sensor chip plugged into a Bluetooth-enabled electronic badge that can easily and unobtrusively be clipped onto a worker’s lapel, the BadgAIR offers unmatched simplicity for exposure assessments in real-time.

Cutting Edge Features

Direct-read, real-time determination of exposure without lab analysis

Meets OSHA standards for accuracy and precision (±25% at 95% confidence level)

Compact and lightweight with negligible impact on worker productivity

No calibration or maintenance required

High selectivity with few interfering species

Wireless capabilities for remote worker monitoring

Easy Exposure Assessments

The BadgAIR implements innovative nano-coatings based on the same chemistries detailed in OSHA Methods. This technology provides the required selectivity, sensitivity, and accuracy needed to monitor toxic gases in the workplace.

The monitor continuously interprets the response from the sensor and alerts the user when toxic gases are detected. This system does not require cumbersome equipment, time consuming calibration or costly lab analysis.

Using Bluetooth, the monitor streams data to the user’s mobile device. The BadgAIR mobile app allows the user to review and save test results.

The BadgAIR enables industrial hygienists to measure multiple gases such as peracetic acid, formaldehyde or hydrogen sulfide, depending on the selected sensor chip.

Even in the most challenging workplace settings, BadgAIR will make your exposure assessments simple, affordable, and reliable!

How it Works

  1. Up to two sensors are loaded into a compact cartridge within the wearable badge
  2. The sensors change brightness when exposed to a specific toxic gas
  3. The electronic badge monitors the sensor chips, alerting the user via an auditory, visual, or vibrational alarm
  4. The electronic badge communicates with the user’s mobile device, which enables both remote warning and data collection for reporting purposes
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