Fast and Convenient New Devices for Chemical Exposure Assessment

Nematic Technologies has pioneered a new method for monitoring personal exposure to toxic gases using dosimeters that collect toxic gases via diffusion and can be immediately analyzed with a dosimeter reader.

Dosimeter Badge

The Dosimeter is a passive (diffusive) sampling badge for monitoring personal exposure to toxic gases. This badge can be used for personal monitoring or for area monitoring. Following sampling, the Dosimeter can be analyzed immediately using the Dosimeter Reader to obtain high accuracy data for time-weighted average (TWA) concentration of toxic gases. No need to file forms or to wait for results from the laboratory. The Dosimeter Reader connects to any personal computer, allowing you to save and analyze data at your convenience.


Method of Use:

  • Wear: Remove the Dosimeter badge from its protective pouch. For personal exposure monitoring, attach the Dosimeter badge to the lapel. For area monitoring, attach the Dosimeter to an object within the relevant zone. Record the time at which sampling begins and the time at which sampling ends.
  • Analyze: Remove the protective plastic cover from the badge.  Insert the badge into the Reader; connect the Dosimeter reader to personal computer.
  • Read: Open the Reader software and enter the exposure time.  The software will calculate the TWA exposure concentration based on the analysis of the Dosimeter



  • Convenient and Easy to Use:  No pumps or tubing required
  • Get results immediately: No laboratory analysis required
  • High selectivity for target gas:  No interference from non-target compounds
  • High accuracy: Meets OSHA/NIOSH standards


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