Occupational Exposure Monitoring

Industrial hygienists work to prevent chemical exposures in the workplace, but conventional tools are limiting and OSHA-approved methods represent a significant time constraint. 

The BadgAIR provides occupational health and safety professionals with a simple multi-gas detector engineered for rapid, highly selective worker safety assessments in any application.

Ensuring Worker Safety No Matter the Industry

Occupational exposure monitoring is a regulatory necessity in food and beverage processing, medical pathology labs, oil and gas industries, polymer extrusion lines, and more.

Using proprietary sensing chips for different toxic gases, the BadgAIR wearable multi-gas detector can be used for real-time detection of various toxic gases of concern.

Key Use Cases

The BadgAIR has the tandem benefit of being unobtrusive while offering direct-read, real-time measurements of toxic gases in the workplace. This means that workers can easily clip the multi-gas detector onto their uniform with minimal impact on their comfort or productivity.

Be it beauty salons, food factories, injection molding facilities, funeral providers, hospitals, or wherever needed, the BadgAIR outperforms other technologies used for gas exposure assessments when it comes to functionality, real-time precision, and simplicity.

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