BadgAIR from Nematic Technologies

A wearable gas detection platform for precise exposure assessments

Experience a revolutionary gas detection platform that leverages validated gas reaction chemistries in the most workable format ever conceived.

Our Gas Detection Technology

Our cutting-edge wearable gas detector is a lightweight badge based on highly selective, disposable sensors that use advanced nanotechnologies. The BadgAIR is not an evolution of existing chemical exposure assessment tools; it is a new breed of air quality monitoring tools for industrial hygienists.

BadgAIR Applications

The BadgAIR is based on tried-and-trusted chemistries for gas detecting that enable rapid and accurate measurements of toxic gas exposure.

With multiple alarms, Bluetooth functionality, and a dedicated application, our gas detector provides value-added functionality to industrial hygienists in any industry.

Testimonials from Industrial Hygienists

As part of the field evaluation, I used a prototype H₂S direct-read dosimeter to measure dozens of full-shift worker exposures. I was impressed with the accuracy, ease of use, and worker appreciation. With no pump flowrate or gas calibration, the dosimeter can be used quite easily by almost anyone.

Patrick Owens
CIH, CSP Industrial Hygienist, Shell Martinez Refinery, California